Your Guide to Skin Serums

The active ingredients and levels of potency of actives in serums can vary considerably from brand to brand.  Choose the wrong skin serum for your skin type and you could be doing harm to your skin.  Some oil-based serums may feel too oily to be worn during the day and some ingredients are photo-sensitive so are best used in your night skincare regime.   Your guide to skin serums helps sift through skin serum ingredients so you know which skin serum is right for your skin type.
Your Guide To Skin Serums

Topical skin serums recommendations by skin type:

Dry skin – an oil/ lipid-based serum will nourish a dry skin and restore lost moisture.

Dehydrated skin – will benefit from humectant formulas such as those containing hyaluronic acid.

Flaky skin – an oil/ lipid-based serum will help repair the protective barrier. 

Dull-looking skin – will respond and rebound using serums containing vitamin C and vitamin B3 (niacinamide).

Oily skin – needs balance and non-oily serums with ingredients such as vitamin B3 and vitamin A (retinol).

Sun damaged skin – will benefit from serums containing vitamin C for day-time and vitamin A (retinol) for night repair.

Pigmented skin – lightening and brightening agents are needed with vitamin C, B3, vitamin A and peptides providing the best ingredients.   

Acne skin – serums whose ingredients provide a soothing anti-inflammatory effect.  Look for niacinamide, AHA’s and BHA’s.

Rosacea skin/broken capillaries – serums containing calming ingredients such as aloe Vera and vitamins C, F and K help strengthen capillary walls.


As a general rule, the best way to apply serums is after cleansing and toning and before moisturizing and applying a sunscreen.  Layering products in this way allowing for each product to be fully absorbed into the skin will ensure the skin benefits from the ingredients at each step and will not over-stimulate the skin.

Every skin type can benefit from the powerful boost that active ingredients in skin serums can give your skin.  Your guide to skin serums will give you the confidence to incorporate the right skin serum into your skincare regime.

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