Skin Type Assessment Consultation

Virtual Consultation – Personalized One-on-One Skin Type Assessment

Get YOUR personalized one-on-one skin type assessment consultation from Skin Health Hub’s

Qualified and Professional Esthetician and discover YOUR unique skin type!
Plus get the skin care advice that will help you achieve youthful glowing skin your friend’s will envy!

At Skin Health Hub, we believe that there is no universal, one size fits all skin care regimen that will leave everybody with glowing, beautiful skin. There are many different skin types and many different factors such as; age, gender, skin tone, skin care history, and lifestyle which contribute to the condition of your skin and how it ages over time.

All of these factors mean that there are literally thousands of possible skin care solutions and regimens which could apply to you. A through one-on-one skin analysis with our experienced esthetician’s, combined with our Skin Health Confidence Consulting Questionnaire takes all of the above information into account to prescribe you with your own skin care product recommendations and proper skin care regimen personally customized for YOU.

Let us help you discover ways to Love the skin you’re in.

Here’s what you can expect when you book your Personalized One-On-One Skin Type Assessment.

STEP 1: Skin Health Questionnaire
As part of your One-On-One Virtual Consultation you will be required to complete our Skin Health Questionnaire. During our 45 minute discussion we will review your answers and discuss your specific goals and concerns.

STEP 2: What are your specific skin concerns?
We discuss your specific skin concerns. This is your opportunity to ask any questions.

STEP 3: What’s in your Skincare Bag?
Bring your current skin care products to your video appointment for an unbiased evaluation. What products you currently use and why will help us gain a wider appreciation of your skincare knowledge.

STEP 4: What is your current skincare routine?
Knowing what your current routine is will help us evaluate the effectiveness of your products and the application methods you use.

STEP 5: Visual evaluation of your skin?
Now, we can validate all information from our visual evaluation of your skin via Skype™.

STEP 6: What’s your skin prescription?
Your Esthetician will email you your personalized PDF report with a summary of our findings. The report includes a review of your skin type and a personalized a skincare treatment plan addressing your skin issues, concerns and goals, along with product suggestions from SKINHEALTHSHOP to escalate the effectiveness of your skincare.

Book your On-Line Personalized Skin Type Assessment Virtual Consultation for our introduction offer of just $147.




We’d love to help you to get one step closer to achieving healthy, radiant skin.
We look forward to meeting you in our On-Line Virtual Consultation.

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